TECH R LABS is an innovation firm that helps build disruptive businesses with the most intelligent domain expertise, design, and engineering.


Tech R Labs engineers its products with a "race-car" like approach; by carefully eliminating all the non-essentials we work towards a sublime reduction of the most unadulterated product experience that puts the user in the driver's seat.

race car [reys - kahr]     A race-car is a vehicle that has nothing on it that is not
noun                                required by the rules or that does not make it go faster.
racing car.


Combining indigenously coded interaction experiences with artistic visual interfaces for quasi-intelligent devices of the future.


At the core of our internet businesses are the most intelligent domain experts who collaborate endlessly with product teams for that perfect "product-market" fit.


TECH R LABS is a company focussed on distrupting traditional business platforms with new-age technology built on clever design and code. We are building a founding team of the smartest young coders, designers and marketers who will rise above convention and create the next big thing.

If this sounds good, this is how you apply..